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Back Back - hip

DDS 300 and DDS 500
Disc Disease Solutions (DDS)

The revolutionary elongating back brace by Disc Disease Solutions. A new approach in the treatment of lower back pain caused by back illnesses and injuries.

  • DDS is distinguished by its unique inflatable expansion system (air chambers) to achieve a combination of effective treatment, support and pressure relief in the spinal column
  • The corset is provided with a cotton inner lining
  • Available with and without plastic disc: DDS300: without plastic disc, DDS500: with plastic disc for the lower back and lower stomach
  • Safety zone is indicated on the hand pump
  • The air chambers are situated all around the corset
  • Easy to fit because of the Velcro fasteners

DDS 300 en 500

Disc Disease Solutions - DDS 300 and DDS 500

3 stars Extremely suitable
2 stars Very suitable
1 star Suitable


  • Sacroiliac joint disorders 3
  • Acute and chronic lumbago 3
  • Bone infections (osteomylitis) 3
  • Degeneratieve disorders 3
  • Hernia 3
  • Sciatica 3
  • Low back ache 3
  • Acute/chronic lumbar injuries 3
  • Lumbar support 3
  • Post-op intevertebral discs 3
  • Spinal stenosis 3
  • Spondylolisthesis 3

Product operations

Aim of an elongating effect of the spine by means of air chambers.
Relaxes the muscle spasms and muscle cramps.


For which type of patient is it suited?

The product may be worn by everyone.
There are restrictions regarding certain working activities, sport or long periods of the same posture. Active rehabilitation is possible.

May certain allergies arise?

The product is made of 100% cotton.